All About Apples


It’s officially apple season here in New England! So, we’re bringing you the best places to pick your own and then showing you some delicious dishes to create with your bushels afterwards. Oh, and we added in a few drinks, just for fun!

Top Orchard Picks. To go local, try Boston Hill Farm. Located in nearby North Andover, October is prime time for their Macintosh, Cortland and Macoun crop, plus apple cider doughnuts, cinnamon doughnuts and sugar pumpkins. And don’t forget to visit the bunnies and sheep before you leave. If you want more variety, Smolak Farms, also in North Andover, features 20 types of apples including hard-to-find Pink Pearl and Sheepnose. They also boast hayrides, activities, animals and more! Another great spot close by is Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury. Not only do they have all of the fall fun you are looking for, they also feature behind-the-scenes farm tours, the next one is happening on October 24. Want to explore another location right here in MA? Click here to see the top spots Boston Magazine gathered together last year.

A Bushel & A Peck. Now what to do with all those apples? Should you go savory or sweet or both? Amazingly versatile, we just love these recipes by Town & Country—from apple pork chops to an apple cheddar waffle sandwich to pies, crisps and cakes, be sure to take a look at this incredible list. You can also make and enjoy baked apples with this super easy recipe from House of Yumm, which are delicious on just about anything from cereal to yogurt to pound cake. Or simply take a bite of one, fresh from the orchard. Apples are the perfect, portable snack. 

And if you’re craving a fall-inspired treat, stop in to Battle Grounds Coffee Company right here at Riverwalk, they have cinnamon rolls and other bakery delights that will definitely hit the spot. 

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A Toast to the Season. Sure, you’ve got your apple juice and your apple cider, but let’s spice things up a little bit with a couple of orchard-inspired cocktails, like a delectable Caramel Apple Manhattan. Served in a long-stem glass, this autumn-sip is made with bourbon, apple cider, sweet vermouth, apple liqueur and of course caramel! Too sweet? What about a Peppery Ginger Cider? This warm apple cider cocktail is also spiked with bourbon but adds a little ginger and black pepper for some extra oomph. And for something a little lighter, simply swap the orange juice in your mimosa for apple cider, it puts a tangy twist on this classic cocktail. Now that you’re ready to step behind the bar and mix your own drink or two, check out these amazing 50+ recipes from Spruce Eats and raise a glass to autumn—and the apple, of course!