Ask An Expert

Lawrence Bergman, Senior Commercial Sales & Leasing Agent, talks us through the commercial leasing process.


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If you are thinking about leasing commercial space, you might end up feeling confused or overwhelmed. Here at Lupoli Companies, our leasing agents, like Lawrence Bergman, guide you through the process to move your business forward with a space that will help you grow and succeed.

Start from the ground floor up. As a perspective client, when you call our office, Lawrence first wants to get to know you. He is going to ask a little bit about your company and how long you have been there. “If you are a new business and this is your first office, I will walk you through the process slowly so you understand every detail,” says Lawrence. “But if you are more established and maybe moving from one location to another, then we move a little faster.” Next, he wants to get a sense of your timeline, do you need to move quickly, is it a simple move into an existing unit or are you looking to build out a custom space? “It’s important for us to be a mentor and guide you along the way,” he says. “If you are going to invest in us, then we want to invest in you.”

Schedule a tour. Once we’ve walked through your business plan, it’s time to come in and experience the space. When you arrive, one of our Leasing Specialists will walk you through a variety of options, from existing spaces you can retrofit for your needs to raw blank slates that you can completely customize. After you see everything, “we work with you to create a proposal featuring all of the details based on the interior selections you make,” explains Lawrence. “And just so you know, there will be a little back and forth until we get everything just right.” Finalizing your layout choices is key to establishing and sticking to your timeline, it will determine if you need an architect, if you will use our in-house building crew and ultimately how quickly you can move in.

Meet the team. After setting your move-in date and signing your lease, it’s time to get to know Lupoli Companies a little better. “We want to tell everyone that you will be coming, so we introduce you to the Marketing Department,” says Lawrence. “We will announce your arrival internally to our employees and all of our current tenants.” You’ll also get to know our Property Management team, they will work with you to fix any problems and make sure you love your unit. Plus, your Leasing Specialist is with you through the whole process, “we are always available to our tenants, we have built a relationship with you that doesn’t just go away after you move in,” says Lawrence.

And you know what? We get it. We know that moving into a new space is overwhelming and that you may have financial and commitment fears, but “it’s my job to alleviate your fears,” says Lawrence. “There are always creative ways to find the best solution for you and your business.”

So, if you are looking for space for your business why not connect with Lawrence? Click here to get the conversation started!