The Next Generation of Live, Work, Play in the Merrimack Valley


Nowadays, the term “live, work, play community” seems to be everywhere.  Is it just a trendy, corporate, buzz phrase or does it actually mean something?  The concept is simple; you live near where you work and all the amenities you like/need are there as well.  For years, the idea was that once you left work for the day, or the week you wanted to be nowhere near it.  However, that mode of thinking is evolving.  Some advantages may seem obvious; the money saved on a car (owning/leasing) if you live near work, no commuting hassles, and most importantly that your time away from work is maximized. There are also more subtle reasons why the live, work, play community has so many benefits.  The idea of “community” is becoming more and more important to people.  So many of us yearn to be a part of something, not just a piece of anything.  By creating these types of communities, we meet others who are embracing similar values.  Quality of life was once just reserved for the senior members of society but it’s now becoming a factor for people just entering the work force, and that shows true societal growth.  We’re not just content with having a job; we want to live in a community that has a great fitness center, eclectic eateries and fun drinking establishments.  Furthermore, we want that nearby dog park and fresh vegetable garden.  Because work takes up so much of our time, the idea that we’re able to shut it off and in five minutes we’re home cooking dinner sounds very appealing.

Locally, here at Riverwalk, our founder and CEO Sal Lupoli saw the advantages of this concept early on.  In 2003, he came into a very, challenged community and created a Homestyle Italian restaurant; Salvatore’s, and the adventure was begun.  As of 2017, there are well over 200 companies that are part of the Riverwalk community and over 25% of those people live mere feet away at the beautiful Riverwalk Lofts.  Whether you’re walking into one of our brand new spectacular commercial spaces in one of our redeveloped mill buildings or you’re entering one of our amazing residential rental units at Riverwalk Lofts, you’ll feel like your high atop Boston proper, but nowhere near those Boston prices!  And that’s another important aspect of the “live, work, play community,” affordability.  While living downtown is certainly “chic” it’s not chic on the pocketbook.  Our community is able to provide housing and amenities at costs that are manageable for those just starting out.  As the Riverwalk expands, so do the amenities, so whether it’s Salvatore’s Italian restaurant, Jimmy John’s sub shop, a local café, express health clinic, state of the art fitness center, dentists, accountants, financial and educational institutions or a doggie day care, we keep adding the businesses our dual tenants want and need. 

The “live, work, play community” may have started in the corporate board room, but it’s grown into an actual lifestyle option with true staying power and an unlimited future.