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7 ways to show your customers some love

Clients are at the heart of every business, so now is the perfect time to share how much you care for your customers (and co-workers) with these sweet Valentine’s Day ideas.

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Food & Fun Served Up at Winter Tenant Fest

Last Thursday, Lupoli Companies hosted the Super Chili Bowl 2018 at the Riverwalk Winter Tenant Fest!

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After a successful year in the Revolving Test Kitchen, the current tenant chef Raymond Gonzalez is ready to pay it forward by passing this incredible experience on to one of the many applicants vying to move into the downtown Lawrence location. 

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Super Chili Bowl 2018 • riverwalk tenant event

Huddle up with your teammates for our first-ever Chili & Trivia Competition! We’re kicking off the SuperBowl with the ultimate pre-game scene. Get your squad together to cook up your signature chili dish or test your knowledge of the game by entering the football-focused trivia contest for the chance to win fun prizes while sampling tail-gate treats like beer, wine, snacks and, of course, chili!

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Snow Problem, no problem!

Winter has definitely arrived here in Lawrence. We wanted to find out how our incredible maintenance staff deals with all that snow, so we got the scoop from Jorge Goyco, Assistant Director of Facilities at Lupoli Companies.

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revolving test kitchen REVEALS FINALISTS

Two culinary contenders dished on plans and dished out plates in hopes of setting up residency in the Revolving Test Kitchen.

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Holiday Tips from Our Tenants

In the spirit of the season, we asked our incredible group of tenants here at Riverwalk to share their holiday tips that you can do now and into the new year!


revolving test kitchen heats up

Finalists competing to earn the coveted spot as the next resident of the Revolving Test Kitchen served up samples from their menus to a distinguished panel this week.

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Catie’s Closet – The Power of Clothing and Toiletries

In 2010, Catie’s Closet began as a tribute to Catie Bisson, a graduate of Lowell High School who felt that education should not be a privilege. Catie was a Sophomore at Bridgewater University when she passed away at the age of 20 due to a connective tissue disorder.


summertime in the commercial real estate world

Summer is here and it’s a vacation exodus!  Between the beautiful weather, the kids being out of school and a tough year at the office, you’ve certainly earned some r&r. During the summertime, in the commercial real estate world, things ramp down to a snail’s pace, until the fall when everyone is ready to start anew.   


Tenant spotlight: DLC Law

Fast forward 25 years and having overcome many obstacles, Socrates earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the College of the Holy Cross and a Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School. Shortly after graduation, Socrates was hired by John McBride, the very man who represented his uncle.


SuMmer in Lawrence

Lawrence is a multi-ethnic and multicultural gateway city so there is a wide range of activities that celebrate the diversity of the city. From ethnic festivals to art exhibitions, there’s plenty of things to keep you busy this summer.


Tenant SPOTlight: Body and Brain

In 1980, Ilchi Lee founded Body and Brain Yoga in Korea. After spending five years of teaching the community in a local park his healing techniques, Lee decided to open his very first studio in Korea. Today, Body and Brain Yoga has grown to over 500 studio locations nationwide.


Living and Working in Lawrence, MA.

During the early 80’s, my parents emigrated from Cambodia to escape a war-torn country and a genocide which claimed the lives of over 2 million people. They moved around a few times, but finally settled in Lawrence, Massachusetts.


Tenant SPOTlight: Gunamuna

If you have a baby, you know how important safety is when it comes to your little one. As a new parent, how many times do you find yourself getting up in the middle of the night to check up on your baby?


Why Gateway Cities can be a Real-Estate Goldmine

Many of us in the business sector, hear the germ "Gateway City," all the time, but what exactly does it mean?


The Next Generation of Live, Work, Play in the Merrimack Valley

Nowadays, the term “live, work, play community” seems to be everywhere.  Is it just a trendy, corporate, buzz phrase or does it actually mean something?  The concept is simple; you live near where you work and all the amenities you like/need are there as well. 


Tenant SPOTlight: Beyond Soccer

Beyond Soccer is truly a success story. This non-profit, which now has over 2,000 active kids in Lawrence, Massachusetts, started very humbly. Founder & Exective Director Stephanie McCardle just wanted to make a difference.



5 For Good: Salvatore Lupoli makes it his business to help others

There’s an ongoing effort in the City of Lawrence to identify and support new opportunities in entrepreneurship. Thanks to a private/public sector collaboration between Lupoli Companies, the City of Lawrence, The Lawrence Partnership and Northern Essex Community College, local individuals will get the chance of a lifetime to grow their businesses through an innovate new program called The Revolving Test Kitchen (RTK).


Entrepreneurs, changing the way we live, work and play.

Being involved in leasing commercial real estate lends itself to meeting and interacting with all types of entrepreneurs. The most exciting entrepreneurs are challenging and changing the way we will live, work and play.


A Culture of Collaboration

The idea of a mixed-use development is not a new concept, just one from the past that has been recycled and improved upon. NAIOP Research Foundation revealed many factors have converged to spur the revitalization of this development theory over the past decade.


Incentive Programs Available for Gateway City Businesses

Entrepreneurs in the Commonwealth face many challenges when starting a business including financial risks that can directly impact a company’s ability to succeed. Insufficient startup funds pose a substantial threat to a new business and securing adequate capital is the key to survival.


The Definitive Gateway City - Lawrence, City Of Immigrants, Unlocks Its Potential

Massachusetts’s law defines “gateway municipalities” as cities and towns with populations between 35,000 and 250,000 where median household incomes and rates of residents with bachelor’s degrees are below the state average.


Flexible Work Arrangements Enriches Employee and Employer Work Life

Employees today negotiate more than just salary with job offers. Trumping retirement plans and healthcare, the most desired benefit now in the United States is flexible work arrangements where employees are provided with the freedom to work from home or adjust their scheduled hours.


Salvatore Lupoli Transfers Ownership of Salvatore's Restaurants to Key Managers

In a momentous sale of Salvatore’s Restaurants, Salvatore Lupoli announced that he is transferring ownership of each of his Salvatore’s Italian Restaurants to several key managers. Peter Ackerman a Chelmsford native will take ownership of the two downtown Boston locations.


Options for Commuting and Mixed-Use Facilities Enhance Quality of Life in Merrimack Valley

Whether armed with XM radio, tuned into NPR or ready to dig into those French audio classes, Americans have found a way to deal with increasingly long commutes. According to a study done by the U.K.’s Office of National Statistics, people with commutes over half an hour each way experience higher stress and anxiety levels and lower life satisfaction and happiness than those with shorter commutes.


Onsite Fitness Center: An Employee’s Most Sought After Wellness Benefit

There are a number of advantages that come from a healthy and happy workforce that benefit a company’s most valuable asset – the employee. Studies prove that providing a convenient location for employees to workout will lead to an increase in overall health and wellness that translates into greater productivity and ultimately increased revenues for most organizations.


Commercial Real Estate – Innovation and Urban Revitalization

According to a December 16, 2014 article in Forbes, the Commercial Real Estate market continues to move through the recovery phase of the economic and real estate cycles, putting it in a strong position to grow as the economy continues to stabilize.


DLC Law Group Opens Office at Riverwalk Properties

Finding a tenant who will be a complimentary fit at a busy office campus can be challenging. The right mix of tenants can make the business environment an ideal place to work. At Riverwalk Properties we are fortunate to have a great blend of tenants and we are delighted with the newest addition to Riverwalk, the DLC Law Group.


Renovated Mill Space – Office Space for the Future

Lawrence, Massachusetts is one of the first planned industrial communities in the United States. Businesses and workers flocked to the City in 1845 as Lawrence built massive mill buildings to support an industrial economy. Lawrence soon became second only to Boston in relation to the output of manufactured goods.