Hop to it Easter Weekend

Feeling inspired by the Boston Marathon? Join the Boston Strong and Easter Race Challenge this weekend. This is a remote run, so you can complete this challenge on your own terms wherever and whenever you choose. So, grab your friends and family and host a fun Easter Race.

Remote races mean that you get to decide where you want to run, it can be at a park, around town, on the beach, in your backyard or even on a treadmill—it all depends on your lifestyle. The other great thing is that you pick what time you want to do your run, choosing when it’s convenient for you—and your weekend plans. 

April 19-April 21, compete in a half marathon/10K/5K/1K. All ages, all people, all runners and all walkers are welcome. Medals and t-shirts will be mailed to your address. Just don’t forget to take pictures of you, your team and your course!

Click here to register, plus while you’re there, check out the Wonder Mother and Cuckoo Clock events too! And click here if you have any questions.