Meet the Massachusetts Groundhog

Move over Punxsutawney Phil, Ms. G is the Massachusetts State Groundhog—and she has correctly predicted the forecast 64% of the time, that’s more than double Phil’s record of only 30%!

 So, while everyone was watching Philadelphia, we had our eyes on the little town of Lincoln where Ms. G was on Shadow-Watch 2019. A female groundhog who lives at Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary,she was found very young in an injured condition and taken into the care of a state-licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Because she is accustomed to being fed and cared for by humans, she is not equipped to survive in the wild on her own. And since 2008, Ms. G has been delivering an annual forecast on Groundhog Day with her prediction for the rest of the season. Celebrated by many fans who attend the yearly ceremonies every February 2nd at Drumlin Farm, it’s her accuracy that has gotten lots of attention from audiences and meteorologists alike.

She has even inspired a book written by meteorologist Mish Michaels. The story follows a friendship between Ms. G and Ashlee, a first grader at Hunnewell Elementary School who both share of love of weather and meet while chasing the same thunderstorm. This true to life tale echoes howMish, her daughter and her daughter’s elementary school classmates led the campaign to help Ms. G become the Massachusetts State Groundhog. Click here to check out Ms. G’s Shadowy Road to Fame. 10% of profits will go to support Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary where Ms. G resides. 

And what about her prediction for 2019? Well she saw her shadow which means six more weeks of winter even though it feels like spring this week. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for all the snow we have yet to weather here at Riverwalk. 

For every storm we face, the Maintenance Department uses 25 50-lb. bags of salt on the sidewalks—that’s 1,250 POUNDS of salt for just the walkways! And because of the high volume of snow that can accumulate and the expansive area, Riverwalk outsources the parking area to outside contractors. Plows and front loaders clear the spaces, hauling the snow across the street to make as much room as possible!