Capturing the Moment with American Idol

Photographer, Ben Esakof at Halo Creative Studios recently did a photoshoot with this season’s American Idol star, Jonny Brenns

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When Halo Creative Founder, Ben Esakof was looking for a great spot to shoot his newest client, American Idol star, Jonny Brenns, all he needed to do was walk outside of his Riverwalk Studio. 

As the star’s first photoshoot off of the American Idol set, Riverwalk provided multiple destinations and backdrops for Ben to shoot in without having to travel to a several different locations. Instead, Ben was able to save time and maximize his effectiveness by working in one spot. “When I do photoshoots with my clients, I’m always looking for ways to make it unique and give it something you can only find with Halo,” says Ben. 

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Outside, the brick and steel industrial look of our reconstructed mill buildings cast just the right vibe for this Maryland native’s special shoot. The pair even ventured up to the roof to get a sliver of the skyline in a few shots, providing a trendy, background to the images Ben was able to capture. “One of my favorite parts of our studio space at Riverwalk is actually stepping outside the studio,” says Ben. “The brick buildings and rooftops with incredible views provide an amazing backdrop for photoshoots, and was perfect to use for my shoot with Jonny.”

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Back inside, Ben took advantage of the sleek, metal windows and gorgeous natural light to take a few of Jonny’s pictures that take advantage of Riverwalk’s unique characteristics. Then they did some more traditional portraits in his lush studio space to round out the singer’s portfolio. “After hearing about Jonny’s path with American Idol and where he is looking to go with his career, it was important for me to come up with concepts that would add lasting value to his digital footprint, especially given this being his first photoshoot off the big stage,” says Ben. “Working with many A-listers outside our Lawrence office, I wanted to give him the same experience I’m able to give the rest of my celebrity clients, and most importantly capture amazing content.”

Working with high-profile clients and growing his business organically was the goal of Halo Creative Studios. And a key component to his success has come from the flexibility and creative ways Riverwalk works with our tenants. So, if you are looking for space for your business, why not connect with us and see how we can find the best solution for you and your company.