What's Trending in Office Space


New Leasing Offices at the Residences at Riverwalk

New Leasing Offices at the Residences at Riverwalk

At Riverwalk Lawrence, we like to keep a close eye on what’s trending in office space out in the marketplace. Because we design custom spaces for our tenants, it’s important for us to know what’s new in layout and design so we can create the best environment for your business. And here are a few of the latest looks we have seen in 2018 that will carry over into 2019.

A Team Approach. Combinations of activity-based workspaces with open, private and team areas are on the rise. Thanks to most communication and cloud services, people can choose where they want to work depending on the task at hand, which according to SBFI.com, can lead to higher productivity and lower employee turnover. So, as the emphasis has shifted from individuals to focus more on teams, open floor plans are still the optimal choice for companies. However, the configurations have been reimagined. Larger private offices have given way to workstations that are clustered verses rows and break out rooms are trending toward comfort spaces with a more domestic feel where employees feel relaxed as well as more collaborative.

Shared Privacy. In addition to break out rooms, some employers are also creating quiet zones where people can focus and avoid interruptions. By design it gives team members somewhere to go when they need time to look through notes, do research or make a private phone call. So this way, you can be collaborative and work alongside your team but also keep the privacy of an office when you need it. 

From the Outside In. While these are great examples of layout, more and more companies are bringing outdoor elements like wood, stone and metals into the office. The Biophilic trend encompasses a variety of natural finishes and surfaces. Wood or faux wood flooring has become hugely favored, as have cement surfaces, which are poised for even more popularity this year. Combining these textures and using variations in natural hues can add depth and interest to any interior space.

Shape Your Space & Your Business. Riverwalk creates unique spaces and experiences for large and small companies alike with affordable alternatives, flexible options and expansion opportunities. Not a typical office complex, our mixed-use community offers customizable spaces that allow you to construct the layout and the look you want in a way that’s functional and fun for employees. Contact our leasing office now to see what we can design for you.