Solectria Renews Riverwalk Lease

LAWRENCE - Lupoli Companies has completed a four-year, 85,000-square-foot lease renewal with Solectria — A Yaskawa Company at its 46-acre Riverwalk Properties campus in Lawrence.

Brian Tisbert, senior vice president at Jones, Lang, LaSalle, brokered the deal. In anticipation of the impending lease renewal, Solectria retained Tisbert to research various options in the Merrimack Valley. However, the company decided that its current facility was the best fit for the operation.

“Keeping clients happy and satisfied is key to our success. Maintaining positive tenant relations is critical to retention and paramount to our strategic tenant/landlord partnerships,” Gerry-Lynn Darcy, vice president of real estate for Riverwalk Properties, said in a release.

Ten years ago, Solectria co-founders Anita Worden, James Worden, Aybike Crott and Michael Zuercher-Martinson left the electric vehicle business and set out in a small, 5,000-square-foot office space at Riverwalk Properties to develop a company to be a leader in PV inverters. The company now occupies 85,000 square feet of space in the same building where they first opened.

Today, Solectria is the third-largest commercial inverter manufacturer, producing all of its three-phase central inverters at the Lawrence location, It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yaskawa, the fifth-largest inverter manufacturer in Japan.

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Press Release  •  February 25, 2015  •  The Andover Townsman