7 Ways to Show Your Customers Some Love


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Clients are at the heart of every business, so now is the perfect time to share how much you care for your customers (and co-workers) with these sweet Valentine’s Day ideas.

Send a Valentine

Write out hand-made Valentine’s notes, send out an email blast or create a funny or heartwarming video featuring the members of your team to show customers how much you appreciate them.

Share the Love

Donate a portion of your proceeds from the sales of specific products or services to a charity that you support. And make sure you spread the word to your community via your website, blog, email and social media.

Treat Them

Offer loyal customers 14% off or double loyalty points for all purchases made on Valentine’s Day. You can even extend a special offer like free shipping or include a gift-with-purchase on certain items or services.

Post Love Notes

Got some great reviews? Share these “love notes” on social media, thanking customers for their kind words and extending the opportunity to help more people with your business offerings.

Create Cards

Set up a station at your front desk where clients and co-workers can fill out cards to send to a deserving group of people like soldiers, seniors, cancer patients or even local heroes like firefighters and police.

Add A Gift

Show your customers how much they mean to you by including a small gift or sample in each package sold on Valentine’s Day—they will always remember and appreciate that little token of affection.

Don’t Forget Your Employees

Thank the ones that make your business great every single day. Host a special luncheon for your staff or leave something small at each person’s desk, like a chocolate, card or flower, just enough to make everyone smile!