Snow Problem, No Problem!


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Winter has definitely arrived here in Lawrence. We wanted to find out how our incredible maintenance staff deals with all that snow, so we got the scoop from Jorge Goyco, Assistant Director of Facilities at Lupoli Companies.

From the first flake, the staff is out there making sure that the grounds are safe for all of the business owners and patrons that come to our campus. Jorge, Jonathan, Will, Nick, Joe, Mark, Steve, Wayne, Jeff and Mr. G., along with Nick Rera, Director of Operations, make up the crew that you see each day. These are the guys that take care of the long stretch of sidewalks from 495 along Merrimack Street to South Union Street. “It’s all hands-on deck when it snows,” says Jorge. “We have over a mile of just sidewalks to clear, so you’ll see every one of us out there shoveling, sanding and salting.”

For every storm we face, the Maintenance Department uses 25 50-lb. bags of salt on the sidewalks—that’s 1,250 POUNDS of salt for just the walkways! And because of the high volume of snow that can accumulate and the expansive area, Riverwalk outsources the parking area to EJ Contractors. “They use plows and front loaders to clear the spaces, hauling the snow across the street to make as much room as possible,” says Jorge. And be sure to keep an eye out for Jorge during the next storm, you’re likely to see him on the SnowRator—it’s like a Segway for snow removal, you stand on the back, plowing and de-icing at the same time!

As one of the most respected management teams around, “we are always ready to help the tenants here at Riverwalk whether it’s inclement weather, accidents, floods and more,” says Jorge. “We are here for everyone.”