Higher Education Program Gets High Marks


Riverwalk is the live-learn hub to a new, socially‐directed, cutting-edge STEM education, research and internship program. Station1 made its debut this summer and is quickly becoming one of the highest quality academic and professional institutions designed to educate the next generation of college students in the creation of thoughtful, responsible, equitable, and ethical science and technologies.

Created specifically to provide access and opportunity, Station1 brings a one-of-a-kind residential and educational program to the Gateway City of Lawrence. “Riverwalk is the perfect home for an innovative and collaborative learning program like this that greatly impacts the lives of its participants,” says Sal Lupoli, President and CEO of Lupoli Companies. “As a leader in the Lawrence community, we are passionate about partnering with nonprofits like Station1 that provide valuable opportunities and the tools necessary for students to be successful in their careers.”

That’s why Christine Ortiz, Ph.D, Founder of Station1 and MIT Professor of Materials Science and Engineeringgathered the support needed to launch Station1 right here. “It is only because of Sal and the Lupoli Company’s incredible commitment to higher education that we were able to garner support from many donors, foundations and organizations to build a new, inclusive and modernized model of higher education,” says Ortiz.

And the difference made in the lives of these students is simply amazing. 94% were first generation to attend college, Pell grant recipients (lowest income quartile), and/or from under-represented minority groups. 56% were women and 44% were male students. The Station1 Fellows joined from as far away as Puerto Rico and as close as Lawrence.

Evaluation data indicates that the program was academically, professionally and personally transformative for the student participants, creating an invaluable foundation for academic success, employment after graduation, competitiveness in application to higher levels of education, long-term career advancement and preparation for dynamically changing STEM fields. One student shared their experience, “Station1 was everything I hoped for it to be. Amazing people, great internship and honestly the one environment I felt understood throughout the 23 years that I have been alive. Thank you for everything, I'll never forget you.”

Last summer, they prioritized the use of local vendors, spending more than$100,000 in Lawrence. “Next year, we look forward to developing and aligning new curriculum and student projects of relevance to the city and to engage more local companies as internship host partners,” says Ortiz. These new activities aim to support Station1’s key strategies for inclusive innovation whole stimulating economic growth in this city.

“We continue to cherish every day in Lawrence, especially our interactions with the incredible community here. We are so grateful for our partnership with Lupoli Companies and Riverwalk, which created an incredible environment for our students,” continues Ortiz. “Through our national and international engagement, and our alumni, now distributed nationwide, we share our enthusiasm for Lawrence far and wide.” 

 “We look forward to next summer when Station1 will be back, working toward their commitment to this critical mission and positively impacting our local community,” adds Lupoli.